4,595 families bought homes with KHC mortg​ages

3,990 were first-time homebuyers (74% of KHC's 2019 homebuyers)

4,129 used KHC's Down Payment Assistance Programs ​

4,510 individuals in Kentucky used housing counseling services​​​​​
​​​We have been made aware of some confusion caused by servicing transfer letters sent out by the servicing contractors for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), NOVAD and ISN. Please read our notice to customers explaining this letter at https://mailchi.mp/2b406​af8ee68/loan-servicing-notice-20210927.
​​​​​It is that time of year again and you may soon receive your tax bill or communication from your insurance company. For more information about what to do with these communications, please read our notice​.​​
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