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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​KHC offers several options that other loans don't offer such as our down payment assistance and tax credits. These programs not only make it possible for those that may not otherwise be able to buy a home eligible to do so, they also make homeownership more affordable for those Kentuckians.

Down Payment Assistance

We recognize that down payments, closing costs, and prep​aids ​are stumbling blocks for many potential home buyers.​​​​ ​​KHC's Down payment Assistance Program (DAP) provides a path around those barriers to homeownership. For more information about DAP, please visit the Future Homebuyer's page about DAP.​​

Homebuyer Tax Credit

2022​ Mortgage Credit Certification (Homebuyer Tax Credit) Public Notice

The Tax Credit provides the homeowner a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the federal income taxes every year they occupy the home. For a lender to participate with the Tax Credit, they must complete a Tax Credit Lender Participation Agreement and return the executed agreement to KHC with a $1,000 lender participation fee. 
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