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​​​​​​​Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) has multiple Multifamily Programs to expand affordable rental housing opportunities across the state. Explore the programs below to see the various incentives and programs KHC offers to developers to promote affordable ​multifamily housing construction.

​​​​Housing Credit ProgramThe Low Income Housing Tax Credits Program promotes the development of low-income rental housing through tax incentives. 
​​Tax-Exempt Bond FinancingKHC expanded funding options by offering tax-exempt private activity bonds along with 4% Low ​Income Housing Tax Credits. 
​​​​​HOME Investment Partnerships ProgramThe HOME Investment Partnerships Program, offered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, provides grants to state and local governments to create affordable housing for low-income households.
​​​​​National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF)The National Housing Trust Fund program gives grants to states to produce and preserve affordable housing for extremely low- and very low-income households. 
​​​​​Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF)Created by the Kentucky General Assembly, the Affordable Housing Trust Fund addresses the critical housing needs of very low-income Kentuckians, including mentally and physically disabled and those on the verge of homelessness.
​​​​​Small Multifamily Affordable Loan Program (SMAL)The Small Multifamily Affordable Loan Program provides an alternative to traditional sources of funding for developers working on smaller projects for lower-income individuals.

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