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​KHC customers should receive their mailed payment coupon books, escrow analysis, and 1098's by January 31. 1098's will not be available in the online payment portal until approximately February 15, 2023.​

​​​KHC Customers,

It is that time of year. You may soon receive your tax bill or communication from your insurance company.

Here are a few things to know:

  • Most likely, you have an escrow account with KHC, where we collect money for your taxes and insurance premiums throughout the year.
    • Each monthly payment to taxes and insurance is shown in your payment history. Log​ on to your account to see.
    • We will pay these when they are due, but for new accounts we need you to send your tax bill and insurance premium to KHC. Include your account number on your documentation and notify us, so we can ensure these are paid correctly.
      • ​If you want to send your tax information DO NOT CALL. Please send your documentation to P.O. Box 4150 Frankfort, Kentucky 40604, Attn: Loan Serving Escrow Dept.
    • If there is a shortage of escrow funds, we will increase your next 12 mortgage payments to cover the balance.
    • If there is a surplus of escrow funds in your account – more than $50 – we will send you a refund check.
    • Contact your local tax authority if you have questions about your bill. Contact your property valuation administrator if you have questions about your property assessment.
  • If you do not have an escrow account, you are responsible for paying your taxes and insurance premiums individually.
  • You must have insurance coverage at all times.
  • Send us your renewal policy before its expiration date to make sure it is renewed and paid on time.
  • Original invoices for escrow accounts must be sent directly from your agent to KHC.
  • If you change insurance companies, KHC must receive your written authorization to accept the new policy.​​

Servicing Your Loan​

Welcome to the servicing area for your Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) loan. 

Unless otherwise specified in your payment agreement, all KHC mortgages are due on the first day of each month. Payments include a monthly escrow amount, which pays annual property taxes and insurance premiums​​. 

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