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The widening affordability gap has changed the face of those in most need of affordable housing across the United States and, specifically, in Kentucky. The State of the Nation’s Housing 2018, a recent report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, found that while the housing market has improved in many areas, there is an increasing number of low and moderate-income families who lack access to affordable housing and homeownership is becoming less affordable. In higher-cost housing markets, typically in urban areas, it makes living close to work more difficult for our workforce.

Affordable housing is more important than ever in building strong, viable neighborhoods—our hard-working neighbors need options for finding affordable places to live in our communities. The face of affordable housing has changed as moderate-income members of the workforce struggle to find housing that is affordable and in close proximity to their jobs. If a community cannot support its workforce, there will be shortages of workers and issues with keeping skilled labor, which places economic strains on that community. 

Support Affordable Housing

How can we collaborate to break barriers so everyone can have a safe, quality home they can afford?

How can we work together to approach housing needs holistically and connect housing solutions with jobs, education, transportation, services, and other resources to help our Kentucky families and communities be more successful? 

Calls to action:

  • Be a good neighbor.
  • Support affordable housing in your community.
  • Partner with others in your community to create holistic housing solutions that will strengthen and sustain both families and communities.
  • Join the campaign on social media: #SimplyHome and #FacesOfAffordableHousing.

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