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2024 Homebuyer and Home Repair Application

Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) 2024 Single-Family Homebuyer Development & AHTF Home Repair Programs 

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), through its Housing Contract Administration (HCA) department, is pleased to offer a competitive funding application process to affordable housing developers, builders, and organizations across the state through the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and the Kentucky Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF).

Please note: KHC will award 2024 funds via two applications:

  • Single-Family Homebuyer Development (HOME and AHTF)
  • AHTF Home Repair

Applicants must submit two separate applications should they wish to apply for both programs.  All applications must be submitted using the Universal Funding Application .

2024 Single Family Development and AHTF Home Repair Policy Manuals

The Single Family Development and AHTF Home Repair Policy Manuals were updated in November 2023 for projects funded through this competitive application round. Both can also be found on the Housing Contract Administration Partner Agency Portal under the 2024 Homebuyer and Home Repair Application header.

2024 Single Family Development and AHTF Home Repair NOFA Competitive Application Guidelines

Application Resources for Single-Family Homebuyer Development (AHTF & HOME-funded)

CHDO Certification Resources

The CHDO application and supporting documentation are located on the HCA Agency Partner Portal under the HOME COMMUNITY HOUSING DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (CHDO) subheader of the Homebuyer Development (HOME/AHTF/ARC)  header.

Application Resources for AHTF Home Repair 

​2019 NOFA Application Training Presentation

HOME/AHTF Policies for Projects funded prior to 2022​

Projects funded prior to 2022 are required to follow the policies for time of award and those policies are available on the ​HCA Partner Agency Portal.

Other KHC Resources

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