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​​​​​​​​The Kentucky Homeless Management Information System (KYHMIS) collects information on homelessness statewide, promoting a coordinated housing and delivery system of service and assistance providers. The KYHMIS generates reports about local homeless and other special populations, helping to identify where gaps in service may exist.

The KYHMIS, which is a web-based system, facilitates in determining benefit eligibility, improving the effectiveness of providers, and eliminating client duplication, benefitting all Kentuckians, from those in need to public officials. The KYHMIS can be customized to meet the provider's needs, with tailored reports allowing agencies to spend less time collecting data and more time serving people.

The KYHMIS offers:

  • Customized research
  • Customized data collection options
  • 24/7 access and reporting
  • Customer support
  • Training opportunities
  • Outcome measurements
  • Housing prioritization lists
  • Faster service delivery
  • Coordination of documentation and information

For more information on KYHMIS or how to use the KYHMIS in your agency, KHC has created a KYHMIS information brochure.

If you have additional questions or would like to request training, visit the Housing Contract Administration Partner Agency Portal.​​​

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