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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Throughout the lifecycle of a multifamily development project, several documents and forms must be submitted to Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) as part of the funding and tax credit processes. Select a stage below to find the documents and resources necessary for each stage of your project. ​

​​​Technical Submission​ Stage
Begin the process with the Technical Submission Stage. Find the materials you need to begin your application.
​​Pre-Construction Stage
​Documentation, including the Surveyor's Report, Contrac​tor's Affidavit and Escrow Certification are located on this tab.​
​​​Construc​tion Completion​ Stage

​​​​Learn about the Compliance Monitoring Process, find the AHTF/SMAL Close Out Form and see the Section 3 Requirements on this tab. 

Post completion, find the documents that you need as you finish out your project.

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