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​​Each year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awards funding to Continuums of Care (CoC) through a competitive application process. Occasionally, HUD issues special funding opportunities for additional funding outside of the annual competition. Each CoC must designate a “collaborative applicant" to submit applications to HUD on behalf of the entire CoC. 

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), as the Kentucky Balance of State (KY BoS) CoC's collaborative applicant, is responsible for coordinating local competitions and submitting a Consolidated Application (per funding opportunity) to HUD on behalf of the KY BoS CoC. Individual projects requesting funding, both new and renewal, submit information directly to KHC. A Consolidated Application consists of three parts: a CoC Application completed by KHC responding to questions relating to system-wide initiatives and performance; individual project applications; and a “priority listing" of projects in rank order based on selection criteria set by the KY BoS CoC Advisory Board.

At this time, there are two separate funding opportunities open. New applicants not currently receiving C​oC funding are welcome and encouraged to apply. Please select from the options below.

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