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​​​​​​​​Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) released the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and/or new construction of Non-Congregate Shelter (NCS) on Monday, October 31, 2022. This NOFA seeks eligible applicants committed to ending homelessness to develop non-congregate emergency shelter units in the 118-county Kentucky Balance of State Continuum of Care (KY BoS CoC) using HOME Investment Partnerships Program American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (HOME-ARP) funding. As specified in KHC'S HOME-ARP Allocation Plan, $2,000,000 in HOME-ARP funding is made available for this funding competition. Private nonprofit organizations and units of local government are eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted via the KHC Universal Funding Application (UFA) system with a $50 application fee by Friday, December 9. Projects located in Jefferson and Fayette Counties are not eligible for funding.

The purpose of this NOFA is to support the creation of additional safe temporary living environments in the KY BoS CoC for individuals/households experiencing homelessness who want or need an alternative to congregate shelter programs. NCS is one or more buildings that provide private units or rooms as temporary shelter to individuals and families and does not require occupants to sign a lease or occupancy agreement. HOME-ARP funds may be used to acquire and develop HOME-ARP NCS for individuals and families in qualifying populations. HOME-ARP funding may support the acquisition of land and new construction of HOME-ARP NCS or the acquisition and/or rehabilitation of existing structures such as motels, hotels, or other facilities to be used for HOME-ARP NCS. See HUD's HOME-ARP Program Fact Sheet: Non-Congregate Shelter for an overview of the funded activity.

NCS units must have, at minimum, toilet, bath and/or shower; smoke detector; carbon monoxide detector; and either unit kitchens/kitchenettes or communal kitchens. NCS developments must meet KHC's Minimum Design Standards for New Construction, Adaptive Reuse, and Rehabilitation- 2020 Revision.​

HOME-ARP NCS funds may be used for:

  • Acquisition Costs
  • Demolition Costs
  • Development Hard Costs
  • Related Soft Costs
  • Replacement Reserve (for rehabilitation projects only) 

HOME-ARP NCS must serve persons/households who are members of the HOME-ARP Qualifying Populations but priority will be given to projects that serve those most likely to experience significant adverse outcomes, including death, without housing-focused intervention, particularly persons experiencing unsheltered homelessness, chronic homelessness, and/or who are actively fleeing, or attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking.

HOME-ARP NCS projects must be operated using low-barrier, Housing First principals and should strive to incorporate trauma-informed design. 

Applicants must document a minimum of 25% acquisition and/or development cost match from non-HOME-ARP sources. Applicants with higher match ratios will be more competitive. 

HOME-ARP funds may not be used to pay the operating costs of HOME-ARP NCS. Successful applicants must document that they have a commitment of NCS operating funds for the duration of the HOME-ARP NCS restricted use period as specified on p. 62 of HUD Notice CPD-21-10 Requirements for the Use of Funds in the HOME-American Rescue Plan Program (HOME-ARP Notice)​.

Operating budgets must include supportive services costs for NCS residents. Services must be offered during times that meet the needs of residents and be tailored to meet the diverse needs of the community to be served. Whenever possible, residents are to be offered additional physical, emotional, and psychological support needed to ensure success in the program and reduce exits to the streets. Housing navigation services must be provided with the goal of quickly linking NCS clients to permanent housing.​ 

The HOME-ARP NCS NOFA outlines KHC's policy and funding priorities and the application process applicants must follow to be considered for funding through this competitive application round. Applicants should carefully read the NOFA in its entirety BEFORE completing an applicationHOME-ARP NCS NOFA documents, including the NOFA, the Acquisition and Construction Budget Template, the Operations and Services Budget Template, and sample application questions from the UFA, are available on the HCA Partner Agency Portal​. 

All applicants must submit an intent to apply email with brief project description including applicant name, project location, and number of proposed units to​ by 11:59​ p.m. ET Wednesday, November 30, 2022.


Deadlines and Pertinent Dates

  • October 31, 2022 – Application Opens (including KHC Capacity Scorecard)
  • November 30, 2022 - Deadline to send intent to apply email with brief project description including applicant name, project location, and number of proposed units to 
  • December 5, 2022- Deadline for application question submission via HCA Partner Agency Portal
  • December 9, 2022(DEADLINE) Application closes at 5​ p.m. ET. $50 Application fee must also be paid by 5 p.m. ET.

Overview Webinar (Held 11/3/2022​)

2022 Continuum of Care Applications Submitted to HUD 

Each year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awards funding to Continuums of Care (CoC) through a competitive application process called a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Occasionally, HUD issues special funding opportunities for additional funding outside of the annual competition. Each CoC must designate a “collaborative applicant" to submit applications to HUD on behalf of the entire CoC. 

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), as the Kentucky Balance of State (KY BoS) CoC's collaborative applicant, submitted applications for the 2022 CoC Annual Competition NOFO (on September 30, 2022) and the Unsheltered and Rural Homelessness Special NOFO (on October 20, 2022). Thanks to all partner agencies who submitted CoC project applications for these NOFOs! It is anticipated that HUD will announce CoC awards in early 2022.​

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