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​​​​​​​Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is committed to ensuring safe, decent, and affordable housing for all Kentuckians. Part of that effort is to conduct the Kentucky Housing Supply Gap Analysis to help KHC's partner organizations better understand the existing housing market and to provide data to stakeholders across the state to make informed policy and program decisions to expand their local housing supply.​ To help explain and promote the analysis, KHC has assembled a media toolkit with videos, social media assets, press releases and talking points. Please reach out to us ​if you have any questions or need additional items.


What is the Kentucky Housing Supply Gap Analysis?

The Kentucky Housing Supply Gap Analysis is a comprehensive examination of the current housing supply in Kentucky’s 120 counties​. Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) and Bowen National Research conducted this study to:

  • Identify the current and future housing gaps across the state.
  • Show the need for increased housing development in all 120 counties.
  • Work with stakeholders to find solutions to Kentucky's housing shortages.
  • Inform data-driven strategies to address housing challenges.

Key Messages

  • The housing supply shortage is Kentucky's most pressing housing issue.
  • It is equally spread among rental and for-sale units, meaning Kentuckians are struggling to find available housing no matter what type of home they want.
  • All 120 counties are facing a housing gap - it does not only affect urban areas, and many rural counties have a larger supply gap in proportion to their population.
  • While the housing supply shortage more greatly impacts lower income Kentuckians, there are gaps across the income spectrum. 
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