KHC Response to Historic Verdict

Today is a day of reflection. A Minnesota jury convicted former police officer Derek Chauvin on Tuesday of the death of George Floyd last May. As we begin to process this decision, we want to learn from the past and create a brighter, more equitable future for our employees, partners and customers and those we serve.

This month, as we celebrate National Fair Housing Month, we are reminded of our purpose. For nearly 50 years, Kentucky Housing Corporation has worked to provide Kentuckians equal housing opportunities, to ensure that everyone had access to a safe and stable home. 

We will host listening sessions with our staff to have an open and frank discussion about the verdict, its impact on the nation and how we can work as an agency to improve our inclusivity. We also will use Tuesday's decision to embolden our corporation's diversity initiatives.

This year, KHC embarked on a path of self-assessment. For several months, we have analyzed our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. We surveyed the public as well as our own employees so that we can ensure that we are as inclusive as possible with our staff, partners, customers and public, and we held forums to find out how we could improve our inclusivity.​

We know that to enact real change, we need to work together. Our diversity assessment is the start, and we are eager to use what we learn to strengthen our programs and outreach to better serve the people of Kentucky.

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