KHC Branding

​​The logos provided below should be used for any materials that require KHC's corporate identity. Please review these standards before using the KHC logo in print, broadcast, banners, promotional items, and signage.

Logo Elements

KHC Logo Elements


Corporate Colors

The KHC corporate colors are:

  • blue
    • PMS 2747C
    • CMYK=100/87/0/20
    • Hex #153683
  • green
    • PMS 368C
    • CMYK=65/0/100/0
    • Hex #61BB46

Downloadable Logos

If you need a different file type of the KHC logo, please Contact Us.

KHC Color Logo

KHC All-Black Logo

Signage Guidelines

All construction and rehabilitation projects that receive resources from KHC are required to provide and display signage throughout the construction phase in a prominent location on the site. If display space is not limited, please ensure that all partner logos are equally proportioned. If display space is limited, please list partners using text of equal size.

Smaller developments, such as rehabilitation projects, may request approval to reduce signage to 2- by 4-feet. Projects of less than $10,000 are EXEMPT from signage requirements. Some exclusions may apply. The Equal Housing logo is required on all signage and cannot be listed as text.

Cooperative Display Advertising

KHC invites opportunities to partner in advertising. However, use of the KHC logo and ad layout must be approved prior to publication. Please Contact Us for assistance.

  • Board: 3/4-inch Marine Plywood AB Ext. APA or other similar quality, weatherproof material, such as Corplast.
  • Background: White
  • Border and Text: Black or PMS 2745
  • Logo: Either full-color or all-black KHC logo

KHC Sole Source of Financing

KHC Sole Source of Financing


Multifamily Projects with Weatherization Funding

Multifamily Projects with Weatherization Funding


Multiple Funding Sources/Partners

Multiple Funding Sources/Partners
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