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Logos and Usage and Sign Guidelines

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The logos provided below should be used for any posters, signs, banners, Web sites, fliers, and other materials that require Kentucky Housing’s corporate identity.

The Kentucky Housing logos are intended solely for the use of the news media, Kentucky Housing business partners, or other authorized users.  Any use of Kentucky Housing logos without the expressed, written permission from Kentucky Housing is strictly prohibited.

Corporate Identity Standard

Review this guide before using our logo or name in print, broadcast, banners, promotional items, and signage.




Color Palette


Color Palette 

Correct Logo Formats

The preferred style for most media is horizontal with tagline. The vertical logo may be used when space is limited.


Correct Logo Formats 



The two typefaces that are used in the name and tagline of the logo are Myriad Bold and President. The entire Myriad and President families are available for use, including Regular, Italic Bold, and Bold Italic.






All construction and rehabilitation projects which receive Kentucky Housing Corporation funding are required to provide and display signage throughout the construction phase and the signage must be displayed in a prominent location on the site. Smaller developments such as rehabilitation projects may request approval to reduce signage to 2 feet-by-4 feet. Homeownership rehabilitation projects of less than $10,000 are EXEMPT from signage requirements. Some exclusions may apply.  The Equal Housing logo is required on all signage. 




Board: 3/4 Marine Plywood AB Ext. APA or other similar quality, weatherproof material such as Corplast

Colors: Background - White Border and Text - Black or PMS - 2745

Logo: Either use two colors, PMS - 2745 and PMS - 368 or use solid PMS 2745 Project Name - Black or PMS - 2745



Signage when Kentucky Housing is the sole source of financing:


Sole Source Financing Signage 


Signage for Multifamily Projects Assisted with Weatherization Funding:

If spacing is not limited, please ensure that all partner logos are equally proportioned. If spacing is limited, please list partners using text of equal size. The logos shown in the following example are required. 

Signage for Multifamily Projects Assisted with Weatherization Funding 


Signage for Multiple Funding Sources/Partners*:

If spacing is not limited, please ensure that all partner logos are equally proportioned. If spacing is limited, please
list partners using text of equal size. Kentucky at Work, Equal Housing, HUD, and ARRA logos are required and cannot
be listed as text.

Signage for Multiple Funding Sources/Partners* 
Cooperative Display Advertising

Kentucky Housing Corporation invites opportunities to partner in advertising.  However, usage of our logo and ad layout must be approved prior to publication.  You may send a copy of the display ad to in the form of a JPG or PDF format.


Downloadable Logos

Logo wTagSm 

Download JPG (663 kb)

Download EPS (774 kb)


Download JPG (225 kb)

Download EPS (2.4 Mb)



Download JPG (532 kb)


Download JPG (192 kb)



Equal Housing_small 

Download JPG (88 kb)

Download EPS (579 kb) logo small 

Download JPG (254 kb)

General Guidelines for Emblem and Logo Applications 


Kentucky At Work 

Download JPG (749 kb)


HUD small 

Download JPG (220 kb)

Link to us:


  To link to us from your Web site, please copy and paste this code into your page.

<p align="center"> <a href="" target="_blank">
<img alt="Ky Home Performance" border="0" height="100" src="" width="250" /></a></p>



For more information contact:

Charla Jackson Peter
(502) 564-7630 ext. 454
(800) 633-8896 (KY only)

1231 Louisville Road, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
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