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Kentucky Homeless Management Information System

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The Kentucky Homeless Management Information System (KYHMIS) is a computerized tool used to collect an array of data on homelessness to ensure an accurate account of homeless persons. It also analyzes patterns of use of assistance, including how homeless persons enter and exit the service system and the effectiveness of the various programs.

KYHMIS covers geographic areas from a single county to the entire state and promotes a more coordinated and effective housing and service delivery system by bringing together homeless assistance providers.

KYHMIS allows for streamlined referrals, coordinates case management and services, facilitates the process of determining benefit eligibility, and improves the effectiveness of providers. KYHMIS benefits a host of stakeholders, from persons in need to public officials who set policy. KYHMIS allows system users to generate reports to explain the local extent and scope of homelessness, as well as to identify service gaps.

KYHMIS also provides agencies access to timely and valid data for planning and optimal resource allocation.

What are the benefits of KYHMIS?

Web-Based Access to HMIS
Through ServicePoint (below) users may access the site at any time of day, seven days a week.

Customized Research – NEW!
Beginning in July 2012, Kentucky Housing Corporation now offers free research to participating KYHMIS partners.  Research can be used for grant applications, soliciting private donations, creating publications, and making policy decisions.  The research request form is available at

KYHMIS trainings are held once a month, and users may attend training as often as they like.  There is no cost for training, it is included in the annual user fee!

Training topics include:

  • Security and Passwords
  • Households
  • Data Entry
  • Reporting
  • Data Quality
  • And much more!

Maintenance-Free Services
As a user of KYHMIS, there is nothing for you or your staff to maintain!  KHC manages all updates and maintenance of the KYHMIS, in partnership with Bowman Systems.

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What is ServicePoint?  

ServicePoint is the KYHMIS software used to collect homeless data across the state of Kentucky.  For assistance, visit the KYHMIS Help Desk and submit a Help Desk ticket.  Tickets are addressed in the order received and may be submitted at any time.

TRAINING:  To register for ServicePoint training, please fill out the Training Request form.  For available training dates and times check out the KYHMIS Calendar.  If you have additional questions concerning training, please contact the KYHMIS Help Desk through their Web portal, or call toll-free in Kentucky at (800) 633-8896 or (502) 564-7630, extension 446, TTY 711.

For other information concerning HMIS:

Contact the KYHMIS Help Desk 

Web connect: 
Phone:  Toll-free in Kentucky (800) 633-8896 or (502) 564-7630, extension 446
Hearing impaired:  TTY 711

For more information contact:

HMIS Help Desk
(502) 564-7630 ext. 446
(800) 633-8896 (KY only)


1231 Louisville Road, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
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