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Specialized Housing



PITCLogo.jpgEvery year, KHC conducts a K-Count to best monitor the homeless situation in Kentucky. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires such a count every other year, but KHC believes it best serves the people of Kentucky to conduct this count yearly.

Results of the K-Count demonstrate the need for resources for housing and services for homeless persons in each community. The K-Count also helps determine how much federal funding will be awarded from HUD for homeless programs. In addition, the K-Count helps assess progress under Kentucky's Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness and provide important information for updating the plan.

More information is available in the K-Count Info Sheet.

The 2019 K-Count for the Kentucky Balance of State (BoS) will be held on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

Please note Louisville and Lexington will conduct their counts on a different date from the BoS. For more information, please contact Louisville's Coalition for the Homeless or the Lexington Office of Homelessness Intervention and Prevention.


Surveys and Instructions

2018 K-Count Sheltered Survey

2018 K-Count Instruction Sheet for Sheltered Survey

2018 K-Count Unsheltered and Service Based Survey

2018 K-Count Instruction Sheet for Unsheltered and Supportive Services-Based Survey

K-Count Unsheltered and Service Based Survey (Spanish Version)

SurveyMonkey Data Entry

2018 K-Count Sheltered SurveyMonkey Form

2018 K-Count Unsheltered/Service-Based SurveyMonkey Form

KYHMIS K-Count Instructions

2018 K-Count Instructions for KYHMIS Participating Agencies

2018 K-Count Sub-Assessment for KYHMIS Participating Project Only (Optional Form)

Housing Inventory Count

2018 HIC Guidance Document

Housing Inventory Count Questionaire 2018

Poster and Sample Press Release

Editable K-Count Poster Legal Size

Editable K-Count Poster Letter Size

Editable K-Count Volunteer Recruitment Poster Letter Size

2018 K-Count Sample Press Release