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Specialized Housing

Continuum of Care

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Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care (CoC) refers to the comprehensive approach of addressing homelessness by providing a continuum of housing programs and services. These services include outreach, intake, and assessment; emergency shelter services; transitional housing services; and permanent supportive housing for people with disabilities.

KHC is responsible for leading the Commonwealth’s efforts to develop an effective CoC program to meet Kentucky’s homeless needs. KHC applies for funding from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development on behalf of other agencies and nonprofits. KHC also provides technical assistance and, in some cases, contributes matching funds.

KY BoS CoC June 2020 Statewide Meeting

2019 CoC Competition

CoC Application

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)

Intent to Apply Instructions and Forms

2019 CoC Competition Board Presentation 7-18-19

Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

General Information

Funds are awarded to CoCs through an annual, nationally-competitive process. KHC serves as the state applicant for the Balance of State (BoS), which includes funding in all counties except Jefferson and Fayette. The process for developing the state CoC application begins at the local level with the CoC regions. There are six CoC regions that incorporate the established Area Development District multi-county regions. These CoC regions are composed of interested service providers, developers, community leaders, advocates, financial institutions, and homeless service clients. 

CoC Board and Membership

The Kentucky Balance Of State Continuum Of Care Board (also referred to as the CoC Board) is the primary planning body for the KY BoS CoC. Its members are responsible for making recommendations on policy decisions and approves the project evaluation process and completion of the CoC application for HUD funding. Members include housing and homeless service providers, funders, advocates, and a representative from every KY BOS COC Homeless Planning Region. 

KY BoS CoC Advisory Board Membership:

CoC Bylaws and Governance Charter:

KHC also conducts quarterly regional and statewide CoC meetings or Webinars, participants evaluate their service delivery system, coordinate resources to avoid duplication, share limited resources, and establish goals for the gaps in the local delivery system. Entities wishing to apply for any CoC program funds, must submit a proposal, which is reviewed and ranked at the regional level. The applicant then submits the appropriate CoC program application to KHC for consideration by the state CoC.