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Our hearts are with all of the victims and families who have been impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of this storm, we stand with our fellow neighbors with Hurricane Harvey Relief Resources to help those who have been displaced.


REE Training Courses

Residential Energy Efficiency (REE) Training Courses

Cost: $650

Course description:  The BPI HEP Retrofit Installer Technician (RIT) field exam is the hands-on component of the BPI HEP RIT certification; the certification consists of both a field (hands-on) and written exam. Candidates are allowed 4 hours to complete the field exam. All exams are video recorded by the test proctor.

Prerequisites:  Candidates must meet the prerequisites outlined in the BPI Retrofit Installer Technician Certification Scheme Handbook available on BPI’s website and apply to BPI for approval to challenge the exam. Individuals who have received written approval from BPI may apply for the examination.

Note:  the BPI HEP RIT written examination is a separate test with an additional fee.