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REE Training Center

Residential Energy Efficiency (REE) Training Center

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KHC's Residential Energy Efficiency (REE) Training Center offers an array of training courses for professionals in the building and energy efficiency industries. The 7,200 square foot training facility is equipped with high-tech classrooms and state-of-the-art training labs to provide students with a high-quality learning environment. SMART technology allows students to participate in the instructional process in the classroom while fully functioning training labs provide students with hands-on application of the techniques learned. The training center is located at 600 Warsaw Street, Frankfort, KY, 40601. If you have any questions about the REE Training Center, please Contact Us.

About Our Facility

Training Labs

  • Mobile Home Lab: The on-site mobile home lab provides students with a unique look at the structural aspects of manufactured housing through cut-away views in the interior of the home. The lab is used to demonstrate proper methods for repairing and sealing ductwork and to demonstrate rooftop access points for attic space insulation. The mobile home lab allows instructors to offer visual demonstrations of the techniques used to assess and retrofit this challenging housing stock.
  • Whole House/Diagnostics Lab: Designed to demonstrate the house as a system, this fully-functioning lab is equipped with an attic, domestic water heater, range, gas stove, vent hood, clothes dryer, furnace, and duct work. The lab is used for worst-case scenario testing, combustion appliance zone (CAZ) testing, and diagnostics.
  • Computer Lab: Located on our main campus at 1231 Louisville Road, the computer lab offers 15 computer stations for Web-based learning.
  • HVAC/Combustion Lab: This lab offers a variety of heating and cooling systems to provide students with a comprehensive look at the systems they are likely to encounter in the field. The lab includes eight operational furnaces with multiple fuel types for a well-rounded experience.

Additional Training Exhibits

  • House of Pressure: The House of Pressure is a clear Lexan model of a single-family home used to demonstrate home performance testing using pressure diagnostics. The interior of the House of Pressure contains functioning appliances, a fireplace, vent fan, and an operable forced air duct system that can be viewed from all four sides. This fully-functional working scale model allows instructors to create and control air flow with the mechanical air distribution systems found in most single-family homes. The House of Pressure is a great demonstration tool that can be used to effectively illustrate air pressure, thermal boundaries, and many other topics to a wide range of audiences, from school children to graduate students.
  • Dense Packing Prop: The 4’ x 8’ mock wall is used for demonstrating sidewall insulation techniques.
  • Large Air Sealing: This prop simulates an attic and crawlspace and allows students to practice air sealing techniques and proper shielding before application of insulation.
  • ASHRAE and Ventilation Props: These props are used to demonstrate the proper ventilation measures and equipment necessary to maintain acceptable indoor air quality.