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KHC, as the state housing finance agency, has many resources available to assist our partners with the work they do each day. Whether you are writing a grant application and need data on affordable housing, would like to review historical information on KHC’s financial statements or bond transactions, or you are a business partner who works closely with one or more of our program areas on a regular basis, the following links can provide you with detailed information that may be useful.


KHC financial information, reports on various federal programs, and the annual K-Count. Reports on the following programs are available for public review:

  • TARP - The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was established by Treasury in October 2008 to help stabilize the financial system, stimulate economic growth, and avoid foreclosures. Under this program, KHC was allocated funding for the Hardest Hit Fund, which became KHC’s Unemployment Bridge Program, to help Kentuckians who lost their job or had a significant reduction in income avoid foreclosure.
  • ARRA - The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), known nationally as the Stimulus Program, was signed into law in February 2009 during the Great Recession. The goal of ARRA was to save and create jobs; however, ARRA also resulted in additional housing programs, including the expansion of the Weatherization Program.
  • K-Count - An annual count of homeless individuals and families all across Kentucky, on a single night each January. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires KHC to conduct this count every other year; however, KHC conducts the K-Count annually to best serve Kentucky.
  • Financial - Financial information on KHC and bond programs.

Data Library

KHC has a wealth of information relating to affordable housing, for programs administered by KHC, as well as information provided by other sources. The Data Library can be a useful tool for research and data on affordable housing needs and investments in Kentucky.

  • Consolidated Plan – This plan outlines how KHC will use the federal resources it will administered over the next five years.
  • Fair Housing – The Fair Housing Act provides equal opportunity to all who buy, sell, rent, finance, or insure housing.
  • Affordable Housing Research and Studies – Data is available from studies collected by KHC and other entities.
  • Disaster Housing Plan - In the event of a natural disaster, securing housing for a community’s residents is an immediate and challenging need. While Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is generally considered a source for permanent housing, we can also be a valuable resource to the community when an emergency occurs.


KHC’s business partners vary greatly in their focus. Among those are individuals or organizations that have a relationship with one or more of KHC’s programs and need information specific to that program, such as Lenders, Realtors, Developers, Housing Counselors, etc. Information about KHC programs applicable to each partner type is available through the links below. Please note, some partner types may need log-in permissions to access the necessary system.

  • Realtors – Real estate agents who are or want to be KHC certified.
  • Developers – Nonprofit or for-profit developers doing business with KHC.
  • Housing Counselors – Approved counselors for KHC.