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Request for Proposal - Data Center Relocation Services

Invitation to Bid - Data Center Relocation Services

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is soliciting proposals from qualified persons and entities to provide advisory and consulting services, research, best practices, and templates for its Technology Services, Business Logistics, Corporate and Planning Accountability, and Human Resources departments.

KHC is the state housing finance agency and a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Created by the General Assembly in 1972, KHC’s mission is to invest in quality housing solutions for families and communities across Kentucky.

Serivces Requested

KHC needs an experienced and specialized vendor to assist with the successful move of the current KHC Data Center to a new facility. KHC is currently in the process of choosing a new facility to host the data center. KHC manages an onsite Data Center, at 1231 Louisville Road, Frankfort, KY 40601, that currently contains four Dell racks with varying power requirements. The rack configuration and power requirements are in Appendix I. The KHC Data Center is located on the second floor a standard elevator and hallway entrance as well as a loading dock accessible through two sets of double doors. The KHC location is a secure site, requiring badge access and supervision to enter.

The selected vendor to assist KHC with the move to the new data center facility shall:
  1. Have experience in the following Data Center re-location activities:
    • The pre-inspections, pre-documentation, de-racking, and un-cabling of the existing Data Center hardware;
    • Recommend proper labeling, packaging, and transportation of the identified equipment to the new site including certified movers as required by equipment manufacturer;
    • Ensure the equipment remains secure through transport;
    • The re-racking of hardware in a predetermined configuration (4 racks), including installation of hardware, attachment of network using the same ports, and balanced power connectivity in the racks including appropriate power cables;
    • Ensure equipment re-racking meets the manufacturer’s certification requirements;
    • The physical relocation window is to be scheduled and accomplished within the defined timeline per the project plan;
    • The expectation is that the staff and services provided for this project:
      • Have demonstrated expertise in moving fragile data center equipment containing confidential information; and
      • Have demonstrated engineering expertise in data center equipment tracking, connectivity; and functionality.
  2. Identify a single point of contact as the Project Manager to ensure the project remains on track;
  3. Be able to manage all aspects of Project planning, design, selection, and decisions for moving the current Data Center location including:
    •  Project Management (reporting, planning, issue resolution, and budget);
    • Migration strategy for all applications and infrastructure;
    • Vendor management (consultant/consulting firm selection, infrastructure and application support, etc.);
    • Risk analysis and risk mitigation;
    • Mover selection;
    • Moving Day execution;
    • Acceptance testing; and
    • Project Close Out.
  4. Develop a Project Plan, in coordination with KHC, with a detailed step-by-step move plan at least 2 weeks prior to the Data Center move start date. The move start will be determined based on recommendations from Bidder and location to be selected by KHC, but will likely occur by January 31, 2019;
  5. Ensure that the Project Plan incorporates at least the following:
    • Planning phase - outline the project plan in accordance with the data collection, inventory lists, and an approximate timeline;
    • Selection phase – assist with the selection of a mover;
    • Migration phase – collaborate with KHC to document and maintain a migration strategy and plan that reflect the least cost and risk to KHC’s infrastructure to be moved. The mitigation strategy must incorporate a plan to collect all data regarding KHC’s infrastructure, encompasses the execution of the move, testing, and post-move activities, ensures there is minimal disruption to KHC’s business and services, and prevents data and inventory loss and damage; and
    • Closeout phase – ensure successful move as identified through acceptance criteria and user testing, work with KHC’s Project manager to ensure all deliverables are delivered to KHC’s satisfaction, and ensure that the details of the new environment are thoroughly documented.
  6. Identify opportunities for upgrades and changes in equipment that may be beneficial for the Project and mitigate business disruption.

Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m., ET, on Friday, November 23, 2018, to be considered.
Electronic copies will be accepted and are preferred. Faxed copies will not be accepted.

For more details, please review the full RFP for Data Center Move Assistance and Questions and Responses for RFP.

Submission of Proposals

Please direct the proposals to the attention of:
Gloria Wright
Technology Services
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Subject line to read: Data Center Relocation Services RFP Response