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Kentucky Housing Corporation has recently updated the contact information for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. All phone calls should be directed to 502-564-9946. You may also contact us by email, please visit the Contact Us page for HCV program specific email contacts.

Project-Based Contract Administration

Property Contact and Information Forms

Property Contact and Information Forms

All properties should have a Property Contact and Signature Authorization form on file. Whenever there is a change in owner, agent, or other staffing this document must be updated immediately. This form also serves as official notice of personnel that have been authorized to sign Section 8 business documents.

Owners must additionally submit:

  • A Direct Deposit form will need to be completed when there is a change in the bank account where housing assistance payments are deposited. A voided check must be attached for the changes to be made and brief explanation provided for the change.
  • A W-9 when a change in property ownership and/or tax identification occurs. Please provide an effective date for the change.
    • NOTE: HUD must approve of all ownership changes. KHC will not make this change until we can confirm the approval from the HUD Account Executive.
 ​Please email completed forms and any questions to: