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Project-Based Contract Administration

Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)

Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)

To obtain assistance payments, the owner must submit a monthly subsidy billing to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the Contract Administrator (CA). Monthly payments are made when the owner submits a properly completed certified voucher that meets the required 90 percent compliance. If the voucher falls below the 90 percent threshold, the HAP is delayed until the integrity of the data is in compliance. Owners must monitor their compliance percentage monthly. These percentages can be checked in the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS) from HUD's website.

The owner must electronically transmit tenant and voucher files to KHC by the tenth day of the month prior to the month for which payment is requested. The MAT Guide​ provides instructions for how the owner should complete the voucher.

KHC reviews, verifies, and approves all of the vouchers submitted each month as required by HUD to ensure payment to the owner is accurate. Payment is sent no earlier than the first business day of the month and no later than the first business day of the month as long the HAP contract is in effect and HUD funds have been made available to KHC.