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Kentucky Housing Corporation has recently updated the contact information for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. All phone calls should be directed to 502-963-0466. You may also contact us by email, please visit the Contact Us page for HCV program specific email contacts.

Project-Based Contract Administration



Welcome to the CA WebTRACS System

Current users may LOGIN here.

If you not a registered user and wish to request access please complete the sign up form and send it to

All property owners/agents of PBCA properties with a current Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract are responsible for transmitting tenant and voucher data monthly to Kentucky Housing Corporation using a site software that is compatible with the HUD Secure System, TRACS.

The Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS) is an integration financial management system developed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to improve the fiscal control over Section 8 and other assisted housing programs.

As the CA assigned to oversee this Section 8 program we are required to provide property owner/agents with a final approved voucher report to be used in reconciling subsidy payments. All reports are provided via the CA WebTRACS system. Once an owner has signed up for access KHC will provide them with a site ID # and password. You can access current and historical data as well as other helpful information.

The owner is responsible for maintaining this password. In order to secure your tenant data. You must contact us anytime that you incur staff turnover to reset your password.

For further information regarding TRACS and owner responsibilities for transmitting tenant and voucher data please refer to the MAT User Guide.

Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)

TRACS is a system developed by HUD to help improve financial controls over assisted housing programs through the automating of manual procedures and the incorporation of automated controls.

TRACS collects certified tenant data for processing from owners and management agents of multifamily housing projects.  The basic for these electronic submissions to TRACS is the form HUD-50059, Owner's Certification of Compliance with HUD's Tenant Eligibility and Rent Procedures, and the form HUD-52670, Owner's Certification & Application for Housing Assistance Payments.

The owner must electronically transmit tenant and voucher files to KHC by the tenth day of the month prior to the month for which payment is requested. The MAT Guide​ provides instructions for how the owner should complete the voucher.

Reconciling Monthly HAP

HAP reports must be reconciled every month prior to submitting the next voucher.  KHC recommends that you follow these steps in order to reconcile all payments received:

  • Print a copy of the KHC-approved HAP report from the CA WebTRACS homepage.
  • Compare the HAP report, line-by-line, to the amount the owner requested.
  • If there are any discrepancies, contact the HAP Compliance Specialist.
  • Make any adjustments on the next month's voucher request.

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To better serve you in a timely manner, please provide a current email address for your property contacts.  Access the Property Contact and Information forms and submit any necessary changes.  It is very important that this information is current.