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Kentucky Housing Corporation

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

A Message from the Executive Director, Edwin King

Edwin King 
Edwin King
Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
502-564-7630, ext. 299

How do we build and sustain a stronger Kentucky for our families and children, now and for future generations?

It takes having a strong economy with good jobs paying good wages.  Additionally, it takes having a home to create a strong foundation of stability for Kentucky families.  Affordable, stable homes promote a more robust labor force for businesses, while strengthening communities as local economies grow.

To have a strong Kentucky, it also takes innovation, partnerships, and investments that will make lasting impacts, and preventing and ending poverty for families to have the best opportunities for successful outcomes.

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), as the Commonwealth’s housing finance agency, was created to meet affordable housing needs by administering private and public capital and investing in a variety of affordable housing solutions across Kentucky.​

KHC deploys resources to meet housing needs. During fiscal year 2016, this investment of $791 million, impacted more than 50,000 low- to moderate-income Kentucky households, and created an additional economic impact of $1.3 billion for the state.

KHC provides housing solutions statewide for:

  • Homeowners: Affordable mortgages and down payment assistance, in-state loan servicing, foreclosure prevention, energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Renters: Rehabilitation and new construction of affordable apartments, rental assistance.
  • Homeless and Special Needs Families: Supportive housing (housing with access to special services), short-term housing assistance.
For fiscal management and evaluation of its resources, KHC conducts corporate-wide business planning and modifies its lines of business to adapt to changing market conditions. The Corporation is positioned to continue delivering its mission into the future. KHC’s recent strategic efforts include:
  • Streamlined processes and investments in automation systems, paperless workflow, and enhanced service to partners and customers.
  • Succession plan management to transfer knowledge of tenured and retiring staff, and attract, grow, and retrain top talent.

Through the Enterprise Risk Management framework, KHC will continue to position itself for ongoing challenges with housing sector volatility, federal budget cuts, and escalating pension liability.

I look forward to continuing our mission of investing in affordable housing solutions for families and communities across the Commonwealth.

Rob Ellis

Jeremy Ratliff
Deputy Executive Director
Legal Services and Compliance
502-564-7630, ext. 707


Lisa Beran

Wendy Smith
Deputy Executive Director
Housing Production and Programs
502-564-7630, ext. 126



Amy Smith

Amy Smith
Deputy Executive Director
Business Services
502-564-7630, ext. 369


James F. Statler

James F. Statler
Chief Financial Officer/
Deputy Executive Director
Finance and Investments
502-564-7630, ext. 286


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