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Kentucky Housing Corporation

Board of Directors

KHC Board of Directors

KHC is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors, consisting of 10 private members appointed by the governor who represent designated interests in affordable housing and 5 public members.

The private members represent the housing construction industry, non profit housing organizations, financial institutions, consumers, local government, real estate practitioners, state building trades council, homeless, and manufactured housing, as well as the Board chair. The private members serve four-year terms.

The 5 public members (*Ex Officio) are state government officials whose participation on the Board is part of their position responsibilities. These are; the lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet, secretary of the Economic Development Cabinet, and the commissioner of the Department for Local Government.

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors will be held in Frankfort, unless otherwise designated by the Board. The schedule for 2020 is below. Click here for the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting at 2 p.m. Thursday, October 29, 2020, and click here to watch the meeting.

February 27
2 p.m.
March 18
10 a.m.
April 30 
2 p.m.
May 28 
2 p.m.
August 27
2 p.m.
October 29
2 p.m.
December 10
2 p.m.

There are four standing committees of the Board; Executive, Finance, Programs and Policy, and Communication and Planning, which meet on an as-needed basis. The public and press are notified of all meetings in accordance with the Kentucky Open Meetings Law.


William E. Summers, V

Mr. William E. Summers, V

Board Chair

Senior Vice President
Senior Private Banking Officer, Republic Bank Place

Financial Professional

Ms. Tammy Weidinger

Representing Nonprofit Housing Organizations

Dennis Keene

Mr. Dennis Keene*

Commissioner, Department for Local Government

Phil Moffett

Phil Moffett

Representing Real Estate Practitioners

Dennis Keene

Mr. Daniel Cameron*

Attorney General



Representing Consumers

Ms. Joanna Shake

Representing Local Government

Jacqueline Coleman

Ms. Jacqueline Coleman*

Lieutenant Governor

Holly M. Johnson

Ms. Holly M. Johnson*

Secretary, Finance and Administration Cabinet


P.G. Peeples

Representing Persons Experiencing Homelessness and the Agencies that Provide Services to Them

Barry Noffsinger

Mr. Barry Noffsinger

Representing Manufactured Housing

Ms. Gale Lively

Representing the Housing Construction Industry

Jerry Dale Yates

Mr. Jerry Dale Yates

Representing Kentucky State Building Trades Council

Larry Hayes

Mr. Larry Hayes*


Cabinet for Economic Development

Stephen P. Brunson

Mr. Stephen P. Brunson

Representing Financial Institutions