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Largest Weatherization Project in State Makes Energy Efficiency Impacts on Louisville Community, Saves Energy Costs


July 26, 2012


Lou Metro Housing Authority

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Kentucky Housing Corporation

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Largest Weatherization Project in State Makes Energy Efficiency Impacts on Louisville Community, Saves Energy Costs

$2 million project benefits Housing Authority property


LOUISVILLE, KY (July 26, 2012)  Avenue Plaza, a Louisville Metro Housing Authority-owned building, has undergone the largest weatherization project in the history of Kentucky’s Weatherization Assistance Program, significantly impacting energy efficiencies and making housing safer and more comfortable for its residents.

“It is truly special and exciting that Avenue Plaza has made these improvements to be more efficient and sustainable while protecting the environment and enhancing the surrounding community,” Governor Steve Beshear said. “Kentucky takes great pride when we see this kind of cooperation and partnership in action. I applaud the project and everyone involved for setting an example as good energy stewards for the rest of the state.”  

The $2.1 million project was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s American Revitalization and Recovery Act, through a grant administered by Kentucky Housing Corporation by the U.S. Department of Energy to the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, and with contributions by the Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

“Making our community more sustainable is a key goal of my administration, and reducing our energy usage, and thereby greenhouse emissions, is a big step toward reaching that goal,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “Every project counts.”

The work included new energy efficient windows, new heating and air conditioning units, CFL energy saving bulbs, and weather stripping. The new windows have a “U” rating of 0.32 vs. 0.50 for the old. The new heating and A/C units have an EER of 10.1 vs. 7.0 for the old. The project is expected to produce a 10 percent savings in energy costs.

“The weatherization money, coupled with our funds, enabled us to make much needed improvements to the building and improve the quality of life for our residents,” said Tim Barry, executive director of the Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

“Affordable housing is not just creating new apartments or homes; it is also making existing housing more affordable and the systems more efficient,” said Richard L. McQuady, chief executive officer of Kentucky Housing Corporation. “It is so important that we all have safe, quality, affordable housing, no matter our age, physical abilities, or income to be able to live happy, active lives.”

Avenue Plaza is a residential public housing building located at 8th and Muhammad Ali. The17-story building has 226 apartments, which is home to 231 residents. The first floor houses the Louisville Metro Housing Authority’s offices, which was not eligible for improvements.

The improvements have been significant in making residents more comfortable inside their home. “It’s uplifting, it makes you feel better,” said Errin Johnson, a resident at Avenue Plaza. “When your living situation improves, so does your mentality.”

Albert Johnson, also a resident of Avenue Plaza commented, “It’s wonderful. I remember every time it’s real hot like it’s been the last few days, I think about the old units having to be switched out, repairs, and all that stuff. But this one works just perfectly and the temperature is always really comfortable. Kudos, Kudos!”