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Kentucky Housing Corporation to Continue Administering Kentucky’s Section 8 Program

For Immediate Release   

Charla Jackson Peter

July  27, 2011

(502) 564-7630, ext. 454

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Continue Administering Kentucky’s Section 8 Program

On February 28, 2011, the U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued an Invitation for Submission of Application for Contract Administrators to bid for the Project-Based (Section 8) Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contracts for the state of Kentucky.  The state housing finance agency, Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), submitted a response to the application, and on July 1, 2011, received official notification from HUD that KHC had been selected to serve as the performance-based contract administrator for the state of Kentucky. 

As the contract administrator, KHC monitors compliance of the state's low-income, project-based rental housing units.  KHC also works to ensure that property owners comply with HUD's regulations including leasing to eligible households, maintaining the property, and reporting properly.  The agency also distributes rent subsidies on behalf of HUD.  

In order to fulfill the requirements of the new contract with HUD, KHC will continue to perform the following tasks regarding HAP contracts:

  • Conduct annual management and occupancy reviews;
  • Adjust contract rents and utility allowances;
  • Process HAP contract renewals;
  • Review and pay monthly voucher and special claims requests to property owners;
  • Respond to tenant health, safety, and maintenance issues; and
  • Report to HUD operating plans and progress as well as financial conditions.

"Kentucky Housing Corporation’s mission is to assure the availability of affordable housing for the people across the Commonwealth, to serve households with modest income," said Richard L. McQuady, KHC’s chief executive officer.  "We are very pleased to be able to continue partnering with HUD, through the program, to ensure that safe, quality, and affordable housing is available to individuals and families so that they can have more stability and opportunities for success."  

The Section 8 Program was authorized by Congress in 1974 and developed by HUD to provide rental assistance to income eligible households.  Under the program, HUD enters into contracts with property owners to provide rental assistance for a fixed period of time for low-income families. Project-based Section 8 assistance may be provided only for tenants with incomes no greater than 80 percent of the area median income and tenants generally pay rent equal to 30 percent of adjusted household income. 

KHC has served as Kentucky's contract administrator since September 1, 2000.  The portfolio, overseen by KHC, currently includes more than 22,799 units in 379 properties statewide.


Kentucky Housing Corporation, the state housing finance agency, was created by the 1972 General Assembly to provide affordable housing opportunities.  As a self-supporting, public corporation, Kentucky Housing offers lower-than-market rate home mortgages, housing production financing, homeownership education/counseling, rental assistance, housing rehabilitation and supportive housing programs for special needs populations.

Kentucky Housing Corporation prohibits discrimination in employment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, age, disability or veteran status.