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Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is committed to protecting our customer's personal and financial information. Please be cautious in responding to texts, emails, calls, or other forms of contact claiming to be KHC. If someone contacts you claiming to be from KHC regarding your mortgage loan, please verify by contacting KHC’s Customer Service team in our Loan Servicing Department, Contact Us. We have also been made aware of attempts to market mortgage protection services that appear to be in our name. KHC is not related to Mortgage Protection Service. Please read this important notice.​
If you are having trouble making your payment online, wait at least 30 minutes and try again. For more information about technical issues with making a payment, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​ page.

Make a Payment

Single Family Loans This button will take you to the online payment system. First time users must register by entering your loan information and setting up a login and password. You will be able to check your payment due dates, loan balances, payment history, and even make your payments online.

Multifamily Loans Multifamily loans are accessed here.  You will be able to check your monthly/annual payment due dates, loan balances and payment history.  If you are unable to view your loan you will need to contact Multifamily Servicing 800-341-5622 extension 256, 346 or 432.

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