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Important Notice

Important Notice - Scam Prevention

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is committed to protecting our customer's personal and financial information. Please be cautious in responding to texts, emails, calls, or other forms of contact claiming to be KHC. If someone contacts you claiming to be from KHC regarding your mortgage loan, please verify before responding or giving personal information by contacting KHC's Customer Service team, in our Loan Servicing Department, Contact Us.

We have also been made aware of attempts to market mortgage protection services that appear to be in our name. A postcard has been circulating stating, "You have recently closed on this mortgage with KENTUCKY HSNG CORP. We need you to please call us about an important matter regarding this loan." The fine print on the mailer states, "All information provided by Mortgage Protection Services, 800-230-8750. Not affiliated with, sponsored by, and loan information not provided by KENTUCKY HSNG CORP." KHC is not related to Mortgage Protection Service.

If you receive a postcard about your mortgage and it "appears" to be from KHC, please verify by contacting KHC's Customer Service team, in our Loan Servicing Department, Contact Us.

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Learn More to Protect Yourself

Mortgages become part of the public record once they have been signed and recorded, and they are generally made available through county courthouses. Unless initiated by you, please be skeptical about any contact from an organization requesting your personal information, such as your name, phone number, address, social security number, account or PIN numbers, or other confidential information that could be used to verify something. It could be a scam.

Learn more to protect yourself from scams. Visit Common Scams and Frauds at, or the Federal Trade Commission's Scam Alert page at