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Lending Partners

Closing Agents

Closing Agents

Lenders around the state work with Kentucky Housing Corporation to provide KHC’s affordable loan programs. Each partner lender is responsible for coordinating the loan closing with local closing agents.

Below you’ll find general information to help closing agents better understand our loan closings.

When an actual loan closing takes place, the process must be coordinated with the lender. Some closing requirements require KHC-specific forms and KHC-specific conditions. This is provided for your information only.

Surveys vs. Survey Certification

When it has been determined to use the Survey Certification (KHC Form 56), the closing agent cannot issue a title policy with a survey exception. The policy must contain affirmative coverage against loss or damage that would have been disclosed by an accurate survey. If the closing agent does not agree to this, then a survey must be provided.

Wiring Funds from KHC

Determining the amount of funds wired to the closing agent can be done in several ways. The lender’s relationship with KHC determines how much is wired. Contact the lender for funds that will be wired. Second mortgage amounts will be in a separate wire. Overages must be wired back to KHC.