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As the partial federal government shutdown continues, KHC is committed to supporting those who rely on our programs for their housing needs, and we will continue our work to meet these needs. For more information about the shutdown, please visit the Impact of Partial Federal Government Shutdown page on KHC’s website.



KHC's Conferences

KHC sponsors/participates in two main conferences each year which are crucial to the affordable housing industry.

Kentucky Affordable Housing Conference

Each year, affordable housing professionals gather for the Kentucky Affordable Housing Conference (KAHC). The conference is either held in Louisville or Lexington. The conference provides valuable, up-to-date information about affordable housing in Kentucky from industry experts and leaders. Various learning and networking opportunities are also scheduled throughout the conference. Sessions vary from year-to-year but typically cover homeownership education and counseling, mortgage lending, specialized housing, housing finance and construction, and “green” housing. Awards are also distributed during the conference to leaders in the affordable housing industry.

The 2018 KAHC will be held at the Lexington Convention Center, in Lexington, Kentucky, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 21-22, 2018. #KAHC18