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Asset Management

Capacity Scorecard Definitions

Capacity Scorecard Definitions

Entity is defined as the legal organization applying for funding that will also be the administrator of the program. Applicable to HCA applications only.

Development Team member(s) include the developer, general partner, consultant, and management company and/or as defined in the Multifamily Application Guidelines.

IRS Form 8823
Low-Income Housing Credit agencies report of noncompliance or building disposition. This form is filed by KHC staff for LIHTD units out of compliance during the first 15 years of the affordability period.

Tenant Data Certification System (TDCS)
The TDCA is an online system that property management/owners of KHC financed multifamily rental properties, must use to indicate tenant information and occupancy status of affordable units.

Annual Performance Report (APR)
The APR refers to the Owner's Annual Certification of Compliance that all KHC financed multifamily owners must submit each year throughout the affordability period. The APR is located in the TDCS system

Annual Project Compliance Report (APCR)
The APCR is required for all Housing Contract Administration (HCA) funded agencies to complete. APCR's are required for HOME, AHTF, GAP, Houseworks, ESG, COC, and HOPWA programs.